I finally got my showreel done so I guess I ought to put it up here…


Because I feel like a stinker for pulling the plug on M.O.D. so HERE HAVE SOME STUFF.

Also animation progress videos are kind of handy for portfolios I guess.

Link to SKIP- https://vimeo.com/34817753

I wanted to play around more with symbolism in this one. There’s a few motifs that I associate each character with so I’ll throw a couple down for you because I spent too long on this. That said you can totally ignore all this if you want (or hunt around for the other things I put in) :P

The Jon: The number one- positivity, purity, innocence. Yellow- Joy, energy, spontaneity, naivety.

Rabbit: The number two- duality, balance, kindness. Red- Action, courage, vitality, madness.

The Spine: The number three- versatility, creativity, intendance. Blue- Truth, peace, security, judgement.

Compilation of the Steam Powered Giraffe posters I’ve been doing for the past few days ;)

Holy baloney I’m finally done with this. I’d actually like to spend infinity doing the backgrounds properly but SUDDENLY STORYBOARDING DEADLINE so that’s a no ahahaha.

Steam Powered Giraffe are the coolest everybody else go home.

Steam Powered Giraffe studies. Might do a proper piece with these lovely lads if I have time.

Left handed drawings. Made with ink and sticks.


Speed sketch.

Yep. I’m really bored.

Something I drew quite a long time ago.